The Premiere Open Water Swim Series


Why a Swim Series Swim Miami Times Three

The South Florida Open Water Swim Community asked for it... here it is a 3 part series that provides three unique experiences for Open Water. We chose the winter for the first stop to provide a rough water, cold experience: Swim Ft. Lauderdale Beach. We chose May and an enclosed Basin, to provide a calm water experience like the Olympics and an opportunity for everyone to try Open Water: Swim Miami. We chose the Fall for everyone to experience a wild card race where the weather is completely unpredictable and the water can be warmer than any swimmer is used to: Swim Miami Beach.


Find Out More About the Swim Series

The Swim Series is an effort to grow the sport of Open Water Swimming in South Florida and create an amazing movement and awareness about drowning prevention and eradication. The events all support the H2Os Foundation, a 501(C)3 Non Profit Organization based in South Florida to help eliminate drowning in South Florida. The Fort Lauderdale Beach event will also share its proceeds with LifeSports Fitness.


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How to Prepare

Registration open

Grab your spot early. Come out and swim with some of Americas best open water swimmers at one of the most picturesque backdrops in the world.

Train with us

We recommend Swim Gym as your one stop destination for everything swimming. 3 locations in South Florida. Come by Swim Gym to swim with former Olympians and professionally certified coaches.

Practice makes perfect

If you can't train with us at Swim Gym, download the workout of the week here.

other events

Here are some other swim events for you to train for the big day. Swim For Alligator Lighthouse Swim Miami Beach

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