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February 23, 2014February 23, 2014

SOCHI, Russia—Sage Kotsenburg, the surprise slopestyle Olympic champion, brought some casual and informal color to the daily International Olympic Committee press briefing on Monday, confusing some by using the word “stoked” in his description of his attitude. Appearing in a navy-blue USA sweater and capping his wavy blond hair with a black beanie hat, Kotsenburg discussed...

February 18, 2014February 18, 2014

‘Stoked,’ From 1960s Surfers to Sochi / Wall Street Journal / February 15, 2014 Snowboarding Olympian Sage Kotsenburg couldn’t get away from the word during his news conference. By Ben Zimmer “I’m so stoked to be here, representing the U.S.A., for sure.” So began the news conference of Sage Kotsenburg, gold-medal winner of the first-ever...

March 29, 2010March 29, 2010

Steel Lafferty to Ride at Board Up 2010

Board Up announces this morning the addition of Steel Lafferty to our growing cast of riders confirmed to compete early next month in Miami. We are extremely excited that Steel has once again chosen to showcase his skills and battle to become the Board Up 2010 Pro Champion. Who is Steel? Name: Steel Lafferty Nickname:...

March 26, 2010March 26, 2010

Kyle Evans Commits to Ride Board Up

Board Up is proud to announce the addition of Kyle Evans to our roster of confirmed riders for Board Up 2010. The word on Evans: Name: Kyle Evans Height: 5’5” Weight: 145 lbs Born: December 27th, 1994 Hometown:  Orlando, Florida Stance: Goofy Boat of Choice: Super Air Nautique 220 Refreshment of Choice:  The always delicious...