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Do you like a challenge? Your biggest challenge is the fear of the unknown in the ocean, often times visibility is limited with waves, wind and sea life.  Open water swimming is the ultimate sport that allows you to become the best swimmer you can by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone of the pool. Forrest Gump said “life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re going to get” and that is just how open water can be sometimes.  Training for an open water swim can provide unpredictable challenging conditions to overcome whether that be weather, temperature, currents or even marine life. Endurance is key for open water swimming. According to an article on Active.com, “in a pool, about 20 percent of your time consists of breaks from stroking, while you push off the wall.” In open water, there are no rest breaks when tired. It is easier to get into a rhythm and pace in open water with since there are no interruptions, like the pushing off the walls in a pool. Find your rhythm! In a pool, you can see the black line on the bottom to know the distance to the wall that luxury is not there in the ocean.  You must learn to lift your head and sight certain points, something you can see each time you lift your head to look forward in order to stay in the course and on track. Enjoy the scenic view around you!

Open water swimming provides more gratification than swimming in a pool because of the mental and physical determination needed to complete a swim. Fear often times hold us back. Swim Series has 3 races spread through the course of the year, so each event provides you with a different type swim testing and overcoming your own physical capabilities. Swim Fort Lauderdale provides a rough and cold water experience. Swim Miami is a calm water experience. Lastly, Swim Miami Beach is the wild card race at the end of the season. Practice swimming in various conditions such as choppy water, cold water, windy days, sunny days, so come race day whatever circumstances occurs you are prepared and ready for.  No matter what the ocean is like on race day, the biggest accomplishment is to say you completed the race!


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