Are you guilty of phubbing when you are out? states “phubbing is to ignore a person when in a social situation by being preoccupied with a phone.”  Yes, phub has made it into the dictionary, that’s how you know when it’s an epidemic.  As a society people are addicted to their phones and the technology around us.  Everywhere you look, kids, adults, everyone is looking at a phone, or tablet, or television.  Dinner conversations have turned into “look at this post, or I saw this online today.” Try to create a phone free zone at the dinner table and encourage face to face interactions.  According to HumaneTech, social media was designed to intrigue us to get us hooked and addicted.  Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram has allowed us as a society to paint a picture-perfect life and stay connected 24/7. Well it worked, SOCIETY AND OUR BRAINS ARE BEING HIJACKED BY TECHNOLOGY!

Technology is constantly changing and improving, allowing access to be constantly at our fingertips, however we still need to focus on the important aspects of life, like physical activity. As a fitness motivated company, we are always striving for fun ways to bring together the community. The more time people spend on their phones, the less time is being spent on getting active. Being aware of our actions of just how much time we spend on our phones is key to overcoming this addiction. There are some tips to help the urge to pick up and be on the phone. For one, put your phone in grayscale mode. Black and white is not as visually appealing and enticing to play with. Secondly, turn off all notifications except the important ones.

Here in South Florida, at Swim Series, we are committed to fight against the technology addiction by creating a series of 25 black and white Instagram posts relating to the four pillars of society: mental health, children, social relationships, and democracy.  We want to put an end to phubbing those around us, and promote a healthy lifestyle for all.  As our way to motivate everyone to get up and moving, we want to know what is your workout out name? These exercises can be done anywhere, with no equipment.  No excuses! Take time out of your day and spell your name. Step away from the phone!